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Currently Recording an Album!

My team and I are currently working on a 11 or 12 song album, the first song, Belly of the Whale, will be ready by ManaFest, at the end of January.  This is a dream come true in a blessed journey! Thanks for the support 

Festival Season on Big Island Jan/Feb

Manafest will be held at the Hawaiian Sanctuary on Jan 25-27

Featuring female musical and visual artists 

FlowFest will be Feb. 1-3rd at the Hawaiian Sanctuary 

Featuring conscious artists from around the world

Nov. 3 Aina Fest

Many amazing musicians will be converging on the Big Island to take part in the 9th annual Aina festival in Kohala, which I have gratefully been a part of for all 9 years! Mike Love, Paula Fuga, Ka'ahele, Llosh and Found and other wonderful bands will be "bigging up the aina" as Dash likes to say. 

​January 21st "UnCover Girl" Video & Single Release

A call to women around the world to know that we are complete, beautiful and powerful beyond measure exactly the way we came out of our sweet mamas! A reminder that we don't have to be ashamed or hide anything, and that following our hearts call with the support of our sisters is the most enjoyable way we can shine our love in this thirsty world.





Puna, Big Island



Puna, Big Island